NS pre-enlistment.

Some extra things to buy.

While the army will issue a lot of things, the are some extras that a new recruit may wish to get for the initial confinement period.

After enlistment, purchase these from emart as prices are competitive.  Pre-enlistment when the emart account has not been set up, then there are 2 options:
1) Go Beach Road  informal market for army / CCA uniform groups
2) Ask someone with emart account to buy on one’s behalf and then repay

If you go Beach Road market, go up to the second floor. There are many stalls there.  Avoid the 1st corner stall facing the stairs. That Indian aunty is sweet talking, will tell you the things you need to buy, then she over charges by 6x. Yes you read correctly, SIX TIMES. Things listed on emart as $4.71, she quotes you at $12. Then she offers you a $1 discount since you buy so much.  If you bargain then she gives another $0.50 discount. But that is still 2x more.

So please get 3 quotes from various stalls before purchasing.

The entire market will be closed for redevelopment from June 2016.

In addition to issued items, here are the extra things to get:

  • Khaki green socks x 3
  • White socks x 3
  • PT vest x 3
  • Round neck utility shirt x 3
  • Running trunks x 3
  • General trunks x 3
  • Towel x 1
  • Garter x 2
  • Medicated powder x 1
  • Marker pen x 1
  • Cloth tape x 1
  • Black tape x 2
  • Lock x 1
  • Ziplock bags, Small, Medium, Large
  • Good attitude

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