Singapore Southern Islands

The morning boat departs 10.00 am. Aim to arrive before 9.30 am. Take the red MRT line all the way down to Marina South Pier.


Exit to ground level. Go  purchase the ticket at $18 per adult.

Enter the turnstile gates to the jetty and board the ferry. The journey takes 30 minutes to St John’s Island. Enjoy the view of Singapore’s city skyline.

Upon arrival at St John’s there are location maps to orientate yourself. Turn left towards Lazarus Island.

If you find yourself lost, use Google maps & GPS to locate your position.

We saw a halo around the sun.

The toilets are to the right of the jetty while Lazarus a island is to the left of the jetty.

Do not bother to visit the Aqua Marine Education Center. The exhibits are so few.

The lagoon at Lazarus is beautiful.

Be sure to head back to the jetty before 2.30 pm as the ferry leaves punctually at 2.45 pm sharp otherwise you will have to stay over night to take the ferry the next day.

The ferry then goes to Kusu Island , a 15 minute ride away.  A short walk around the island with beautiful beaches take about 30  to 40 minutes. The ferry departs at 4.00 pm sharp for mainland.

There are no toilet facilities on Kusu Island so be sure to visit the restroom at St John’s.

The ferry arrives Marina South Pier at 4.30 pm

It is an enjoyable day trip, much like a local holiday for only $18. Do pack your own lunch and drinks as there are no shops on the islands.


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