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We met at central Singapore at 5.30 am to set off to Gunung Belumut for a day’s hike. The Causeway had a light jam and we made it to the car park of Belumut at 8.30 am.


The ascent begins fairly gradually for the first 2 km, then it gets steeper with some points being 50%  in gradient. The remaining section is steep with gradients of 20 – 40% particularly between check point 3 and 4. I would not have made it without the help of the guide pulling me up along much of the steeper sections.

It takes about 3 -4 hours to descend. Hence in order to reach back to the car park before night fall, we agree that wherever we are, we should turn around at 1 pm to head back down.

Crawling up and down again on all fours felt humbling.

Our water had run out and by afternoon we were mildly dehydrated. It reflected in our tiredness and slowness. We heard a stream of water gushing and the guide filled my water bottle with fresh water. Being re-hydrated again, I immediately felt energised.

When we finally reached the end/ beginning point, the stream looked so inviting so I jumped in to join my fellow hiker. The chilled water provided a cold compression to sore muscles and thoroughly refreshed my entire being. Ahhhh! it was a wonderful reward for the hard work!

It is as tough as Gunung Lambak, also in Kluang Johor.