Conquering Kota Kinabalu


It was certainly no walk in the park despite calling itself Kinabalu Park.

I want to record my gratefulness to Heavenly Father for His protection over the entire group – while there were some injuries sustained from this very tough terrain, minor Altitude Mountain Sickness, slight diarrhoea, there were nothing really too serious. His angels were around us and cushioned our falls. While there were forecast of thunderstorms, He turned them away during our hike. There was a very light drizzle on our way down to keep us cool in the afternoon.

I’m also grateful to Johnson See for his detailed planning, superb organising and wise leading of this group tour – It is not easy to cater to the needs of 15 people. His sharp wit and caring servant leadership is a model example. No one would guess he has parkinson disease.Thank you to Eric & Mun Yuen for being photo/video-graphers. Mag & Jeremy for secretariat. Eric for devotions. Hung-Choo Chua & Choonsen Soon for medic. Ben for walkie talkie and his ever ready smile. Group leaders: Mag, Ivy, Hung Choo.Everybody for showing unity and care. They shall know that you are Christians by your love. Truly living up to the C.A.R.E. name.

Also need to thank the porters and guides – without whom I certainly would not have made it up and down. They do about 10 – 15 trips per month. So they were really patient with us, me in particular.The perspective from above the clouds made me reflect on how God sees us, our His perspective for our long term destiny, He sees the big picture, while we often find ourselves fretting over the small things in our immediate situation.

The many hours walking with the guide made me reflect on how God is our Shepherd, Comforter, parakletos – the one who comes alongside us, His rod and staff guides us, to show each step of the way, to avoid treacherous paths.The thick mist at the mountain top – we don’t experience in Singapore’s climate – made me think of the palpable presence of God, causing the greenery to be luscious and moist.

3 days later, my leg muscles are still sore and aching. I’m grateful I didn’t suffer any cramps nor dizzy spells as I did in Gunung Lembak & Belumut and those were only 500 m tall. Those 40 storey x 6 sets twice a week training really helped. The AMS pills must have helped too.

There was some free time before heading to the airport. I went to the local market to savour the culture. Bought sarawak white & black pepper, local Sabah coffee and tea, had a hair cut for MYR15.

Praise God for his Goodness, Mercy, Kindness and Faithfulness!

Review the hike to the summit via Relive video


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