Gratitude 365 – week 2

Day 8. 8 Jan 2018 Monday. It rained really heavy this morning such that there were flash floods on our roads and visibility was very poor. Driving in these conditions would be dangerous. I’m thankful the rain stopped by noon. I had to drive the car for evaluation at 1.30 pm. It passed the tests.

Rainy days and Mondays … aren’t gonna get me down!

Day 9. 9 Jan 2018 Tuesday. Out of the blue, I received an invitation for a free dinner at the new Sofitel hotel at Tanjong Pagar. I forgot to snap pictures of the appetiser and soup. They were delicious too. Here are pictures of the mains and dessert. Yummy!

20180109_202019       20180109_204709

Treated to a free dinner at Sofitel hotel


Day 10. 10 Jan 2018 Wednesday. I woke at about 5 am wondering how to paint with more intense colours. Acrylic paints on canvas tend to dry into a duller colour. I decided to add a complementary colour to give the optical illusion of vibrancy. As I added deep blue to a previous painting of waves, I decided to practice painting regularly and on paper so as not to pressure myself into high expectations if I were to paint on canvas. Here it is:

Refresh my soul. Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls ; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. Ps 42:7

The Roar of your Waterfall

As I was placing the finishing touches, I received a telephone call.  I had wanted to purchase two pieces of remote controls for my old autogate and this person had 3 used ones to let go of. After some chatting over whatsapp, she decided to let me have all of them for FREE!
I went to her home to collect them and in return for her kindness, I gave her this morning’s painting.

IMG_20180110_autogate remote

Free autogate remote controls

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life!

My 20 year old son decided to bake chocolate fondant cake. Here is him taking a picture of the oozing molten chocolate flowing out after the first dig into the cake. Today is an exceptionally good day! Here is a photo of the brothers waiting to take 1st bite of the cake.


Chocolate fondant

Day 11. 11 Jan 2018 Thursday. I shared a fondant cake with my son.

Ultimate Chocolate Decadence!

I attended a presentation by the CEO of a Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust. It specialises in China warehousing of a shipping port and eCommerce logistics companies. I was not impressed but found several red flags. I shall divest my very small 100 units in this REIT. Averting another potential danger. Thank God!


New Philips hair dryer – for Free! Yay. Came bundled with purchase of a shampoo n conditioner at $28.

Free hair dryer

Day 12. 12 Jan 2018 Friday. It has been drizzling continuously for the past few days and night. This has brought the temperatures down to a comfortable 21 – 22 degrees Celsius. No need for air conditioning. I’m grateful for this respite from the usual tropical temperatures of 24 – 32 degrees C.

Lovely cool weather

Day 13. 13 Jan 2018 Saturday. I woke up early with an urge to paint. Several hours later, this forest was completed. The idea then popped into my head to give it to my hiking group leader during our appreciation lunch on the coming Monday. There is another leader so I needed to do another painting. He likes birds so I did an eagle.


Walk through a tropical rain forest on a rainy morning

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-15 at 14.13.04

Soar on wings of an eagle / Mount up on eagle’s wings


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