Gratitude 365 – week 3

Day 15. 15 Jan 2018. Sunday. Suffering serious constipation since the night before. Sat on the toilet bowl for hours and nothing came out. Yet could feel the huge hard lump stuck in the rectum. Most uncomfortable as I couldn’t lie on bed properly either. Didn’t have medicine in the middle of the night so I drank plenty of water, ate bananas, drank honey, ate dates, massages the area surrounding the lump. At 5 am it all came out in one hard giant long lump! What a relief!

Constipation is not funny at all!

Later that morning a doctor friend told me to a few names of over the counter medicines to get. So grateful for friends.

I had been shopping for a pair of reading glasses, most shops quoted $300. I had a $50 voucher from an optician when my son made a pair last month. They were having a promotion of buy 1 get 2nd pair at 50% discount. So I made 2 pairs, one for near and another for far, altogether for $208. A good deal indeed. Both pairs are ultra light-weight and serve my purpose well.


Got a great deal on 2 new pairs of far and near spectacles

Day 16. 16 Jan 2018 Monday. Because of travels and inclement weather, I hadn’t met up with my regular hiking group for nearly a month. It was so good to see them again. Huge hugs all around and chatting while we hiked to catch up on life. After our long walk, we went for lunch at a nearby coffee shop which is famous for its zi char – restaurant style cooking. The food was really good. As a bonus, we celebrated a birthday as well so the Black Forest chocolate cake was the dessert. I gave my paintings to our hiking leaders then.


Social bonding with friends

Day 16. 16 Jan 2018 Tuesday. This morning’s bowel movement was normal. After that terrible episode of constipation, I’ve never been ever so grateful for simple and normal pain-free pooping as today. I shall learn to be grateful for even the simple mundane bodily functions.

Normal bowels – yay!

We had over $1100 worth of free service credits to utilise otherwise they would become invalid so I went to the shop to spend them all. It was uncharacteristic of frugal me to spend so much. Actually my kids bought stuff and I got things for my husband. I was happy to get the free tote shopping bag. Haha! I shan’t display the items in a photograph here as I feel it is too much conspicuous consumption, which I don’t really subscribe to.

Best things in life are free!

Day 17. 17 Jan 2018 Wednesday. There were left over lyric sheets from our band performance last Sunday. The paper was good quality so I practised painting trees on them.


The trees of the fields will clap their hands


$60 shopping vouchers

My credit card rewards point were about to expire so I redeemed them for shopping vouchers. I went to the appointed shop but couldn’t find anything I really needed to buy. I went home empty handed. However the shopping vouchers had an expiry date as well which I didn’t notice. So I lost $60. Sigh! I emailed the bank issuing the credit card about my predicament, half expecting that they will quote policy and say that both have lapsed. To my surprised, an officer called me and after the usual verification, said he could issue new shopping vouchers or have the point reinstated with fresh expiry date. I was really pleasantly pleased! Yeah OCBC! It’s like finding $60 again. woo-huu!

Day 18. 18 Jan 2018 Thursday. I followed a YouTube painting tutorial on reflections on water. After I completed this, I had an epiphany: only when the water is still can there be a good clear reflection. When the water is choppy, the reflections gets lost. So I reflected ( pun intended ) on the verse: Be still and know that I am God. When our soul is still, not frantic and busy about activities, then can we delve deep into the Word, soak in His presence and reflect upon His character. Perhaps then can others clearly see His reflections in our lives.

Day 19. 19 Jan 2018 Friday.   I had 2 meetings in the late afternoon and evening and so I decided to bake blueberry muffins for both groups with 38 muffins going to the foreign nursing staff at Bethany Nursing Home and 10 to my Myanmar trekking mates.

No eggs, less sugar, blueberry muffins with lemon and orange zest. There wasn’t enough for the nursing staff so my family didn’t have any but there is always another time.

Blueberry Muffins

IMG-20180119-WA0017.jpg Dinner with the hikers from the Myanmar trip.

Day 20. 20 Jan 2018 Saturday.   It’s been about 2 months since I last played tennis. This morning was overcast and my friend managed to book a court. I didn’t play well at all so there is much to learn. I’m so grateful for good weather, free tennis court and friends who tolerate my beginner level of playing.

Since my family didn’t get to eat any muffins, I decided to bake a chocolate sponge cake for them.

Chocolate sponge with vanilla ice cream and blueberries.


End of week 3

I’m surprised that I’ve managed to have 3 weeks of continuous blessings to be grateful for. Surely goodness and mercy are following me all the days of my life!

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