Gratitude 365 – week 4

Day 21. 21 Jan 2018 Sunday.  Enjoyed a scrumptious 8-course Chinese lunch. Good things in life can sometimes be for free. Ok, this was in return for playing the keyboards for the sing along. I love these people – they are part of my social network.

The 8-course Chinese lunch was really GOOD!


I followed a youtube instructional video to learn how to paint a rose using watercolour. Not too shabby for a first attempt.

Exploring painting a rose using watercolour


Day 22. 22 Jan 2018 Monday. Went on a trek around MacRitchie Reservoir and managed to clock 20,028 steps for the 16 km. Burnt 2,200 kcal in the process. It’s fun to trek with like-minded folks. We’ve bonded over this one year and I appreciate their company.


Trekking around MacRitchie Reservoir 16 km


Day 23. 23 Jan 2018 Tuesday. Decided to learn another painting technique, this time using acrylic with model method.


Which do you prefer – the rose by watercolour or this?

On an impromptu call, I had lunch with a friend. We both brought along our salads and swapped some for a little variety. She said in life there will be blessings and battles, and blessings and come through battles as well. Such a wise lady. We had a good chat and encouraged one another.

My elder son received a promotion to full lieutenant in the army. He will complete his National Service next week. He is certainly growing up well into a fine young officer and gentleman.


Day 24. 24 Jan 2018 Wednesday.   Attended a free zumba exercise class. Sometimes the available slots are full so I’m grateful that 1 slot became available just the day before for me to book in. It was fun and managed to work out a sweat and some cardio while in air con comfort. It’s safer than cycling on the roads and competing with vehicles.

Brought my son to the bank to apply for an ATM card. He also changed from thumb print to signature. The bank staff smiled upon seeing his signature and said it was very creative. He prepared his resume and made his first job application. The young man is growing up.  My pride and joy.

Day 25. 25 Jan 2018 Thursday.     I hung out with my younger son at the Singapore Arts Week, visiting the Fullerton Hotel, The Arts House @ the former parliament house, the National Galleries. Then we went Raffles City shopping Mall to look for dress shoes. He has a collection of casual sneakers but has yet to have his first pair of formal shoes. He found a pair that he liked but it was really expensive so he gave that a pass. I bought my husband his birthday present of a leather waist belt and a wallet set. The belt is brown on one side an black on the other with a buckle mechanism to easily reverse with a simple click.  This purchase was mostly funded by credit card rewards points. The purchase came with a special offer on a set of Nakamichi bluetooth headphones which my other son would love to use on his long runs. I’m so blessed to be able to hang out with my young men.


Day 26. 26 Jan 2018 Friday.  Learnt to paint roses from youtube instructionals.

My husband and I went to look at an apartment. It has full condominium facilities and 5 bedrooms but the location was rather out of the way compared to where we are now. So we think we’ll stay where we are and be content. To be satisfied is great gain. Sometimes we need a little shopping around to know how lucky we already are.

Day 27. 27 Jan 2018 Saturday.  We’ve been staying at this home for 18 years now and our boys have since grown to develop their own hobbies and lifestyle. While space needs are different now, we decided to re-purpose the living room as the traditional layout of a coffee table and sofa sets were grossly under-utilised.

Ideas to better utilise the living area 

We would need to get ride of the coffee table. This is not only the dimensions of the table itself but also the surround space that it occupies – all under-utilised. The large sofa set that hardly anyone sits on will have to go too. No point getting sentimental here because it releases space for fun exciting activities which now has to be done outside of the house.



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