Gratitude 365 – week 6

Counting my daily blessings and anticipating joyful adventures everyday.

Day 35. 4 Feb 2018 Sunday.  The kids joined us in spontaneous flag dance this morning during worship service. There were little flags for them to grab and express their joy. I forgot to snap a picture.
The National Step Challenge encourages people to walk 10,000 steps daily and gave out free pedometers that sync with their handphone app. This app then rewards users with points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers. I used a $5 voucher to purchase a medication for my son. Yeah for free stuff!

Day 36. 5 Feb 2018 Monday. Instead of my usual Monday hike at the nature reserve, I went to the neighbouring country for a day of shopping. All that walking about the malls helped me to clock 13, 258 steps on my pedometer. I keep fit while shopping – what a joy, haha! Some things are significantly cheaper here so I stocked up on some essentials as well as for the coming Chinese New Y ear  snacks. It was also a great time with friends.





This sizzling hot plate of mushroom chicken yee min noodles is cooked in front of you. It costs RM7.30 at the air con food court which is about S$2.50.  Impossible to get at this price point in Singapore.






Our group had a coach bring us all the way from point to point. It’s fun to travel with grandpas and grandmas
The haul of goodies: jeans, long-sleeved t-shirts, otak, muah chee, donuts, love letters, kuak bankit, cheese cake, cheese cake, cheong sum dress, acne soap and medication.
  • Pineapple tarts 490 g RM16
  • Love Letters, large, RM25.90
  • Love letters, medium, white sesame, RM RM25.90
  • Kueh Bahulu RM13.90
  • Jeans, skinny stretchable, RM49.90
  • Long-sleeved T-shirts RM25
  • Donut RM1 each
  • Hokkaido egg tarts 6 pieces, original RM5.90, cheese RM6.60, salted RM6.60



Simple pleasure in sharing this soft served ice cream with my son, seen here wearing his new long-sleeved t-shirt which say FINE. How are you doing? I’m fine!
We choose this cone because we were a little peckish and also to use up the coins.





Day 37. 6 Feb 2018 Tuesday. We celebrated my husband’s birthday with a Japanese dinner. This restaurant is in Kallang Wave mall which is part of the Sportshub where the National Stadium is located. Is suppose because this area mainly caters to the younger crowd, the restaurants here are wallet-friendly.


Day 38. 7 Feb 2018 Wednesday.       An adventure tour company was giving a free preview of their upcoming tours to China’s Silk Route and the Xichun/ Chengdu region. It was enjoyable to watch the photos and videos of the areas as well as learn a bit of the history and legends of this big country. I might just be tempted to go for one of these tours. The evening ended with a lo-hei tossing of salad simultaneously by everyone, a local Chinese New Year custom.

Day 39. 8 Feb 2018 Thursday.   My son took another step towards adulthood by taking his 1st driving lesson. He said he felt a rush of joy as her began to move the car for his very first time.  I’20180208_170325.jpgm so happy to see my little baby growing  up with each step he has been taking since he was born. I’m grateful for the joy of parenthood.


Day 40. 9 Feb 2018 Friday. I attended a planning meeting for the re-modeling of a nursing home. This home is almost 20 years old and it feels rather institutionalised rather than personalised. There are many aspects to this discussion so we have an interior designer, quantity surveyor,  project manager, director of nursing and the operations manager of the nursing home on the team.

Day 41. 10 Feb 2018 Saturday. My nephew comes over from Malaysia for a fencing competition. He stays with us for 2 nights. My son elder son with just over two years’ driving experience picks them from the airport and sends them to the competition venue. Family bonding opportunity.

I attempt to bake butter cookies but they did not turn out well. I suspect the margarine has too much fat compared to regular butter. I shall try again with actual butter or less margarine.

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