The good life. Gratitude 365 – week 9

Goodness & mercy follows me everyday.
Day 57. 25 Feb 2018 Sunday. Managed to snag a great deal of a complete 24-piece WMF stainless steel cutlery.

WMF cutlery

In the evening, the friends I met through hiking in Nepal had a reunion pot luck dinner at a friend’s home. It’s a lovely 4 story semi-detached in seletar. We had a great time catching up with one another and fun with karaoke singing.

Day 58. 26 Feb 2018 Monday. A lovely 16.8 km walk in MacRitchie reservoir park with my good friends. Always a pleasure to have their company. Managed to clock 21,000 steps on my pedometer.

Day 59. 27 Feb 2018 Tuesday. I blogged on Graduates Job Prospects based on the survey results by Ministry of Education on the percentage of graduates who gained full time employment within 6 months of graduation and their salaries. Click here to read it. Some courses had under 50% employed, with the lowest at 26% with a pay of $2,025 as compared with the overall average of $3,500. I hope with this information, young people can make an informed choice of a university course and career.

Screenshot - 27-Feb-18 , 9_36_19 AM
Day 60. 28 Feb 2018 Wednesday. I spent the day de-cluttering 2 cupboards of old magazines which I thought I would get around to read, but after 5 years still hadn’t so it was time to dispose of them. I also disposed of several books of music sheets as I now prefer to refer to the digitised sheet music on a tablet. I find it so much easier to search of a piece by name. It takes up less physical space as well.
Day 61. 1 Mar 2018 Thursday. My favourite baking supplier was having a store-wide discount of 10% so I stocked up on creamed cheese, shredded cheese pizza topping, vanilla flavour and packets of flour. Every ready for several bake offs !
Day 62. 2 Mar 2018 Friday. My son’s Seiko automatic watch, which my husband gave him, wasn’t working too well. By chance a friend posted his watch on Facebook during the passing of the old year and I noticed that it was a Seiko too. I asked if he knew where to repair such watches and indeed he had a good source. He had 3 watches repaired by his neighbourhood repair man who had been trained in Japan and charged a reasonable fee of $50 as compared to $150 by the authorised agent.

The watch repairer is now an old man who shares a space in a bicycle shop and the operates in the afternoon. I had gone in the later morning so I called him to say I would leave the watch in his drawer. Such is the trust in a friendly neighbourhood store. After a couple of days, the watch was repaired fine.

Day 63. 3 Mar 2018 Saturday. Accompanied my son to Nanyang university open house. I was pretty excited to hear about Information Engineering Media which has 60% tech + 20% art + 20% media. I think it’s such an  interesting blend of art & science at tertiary level. Collected goody bags and free ice cream as a bonus! yeah!

There is a MacDonalds at NTU with out any long queue so I took the opportunity to sample the much instagramed chocolate pie. The chocolate filling feels starchy. It cost $1.40 each.

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