Duathlon race, Skymirrow. Gratitude 365 – week 11

Day 71. 11 Mar 2018. Sunday. Supported my elder son in his first Duathlon race this year consisting of 3km Run – 18km Bike- 3km Run. This was held along  Republic Avenue with views of the Singapore Flyer and iconic cityscape.

My other son led a group of youths to the East Coast Park for a leisurely ride and picnic. A time of bonding, modelling, accepting and loving. They came back pretty sun-burned and happy.



Day 72. 12 Mar 2018 Monday. Drove my son to his driving lesson in the far north. While waiting for him, I managed to read a chapter of a book which I would otherwise not get around to read. We then had a wonderful lunch date over Peranakan cuisine of duck stew itek sioh, gado gado salad, shrimp & cbar omelette.

We then met up with a friend for some career advice. Her daughter was having a bowling competition so we had our conversation at the rowdy alley. She is a HR practitioner and has a Bachelor’s degree in management and a post grad degree in psychology. After sharing her work experiences, she connected us to a friend in the IT sector. Again, I’m so grateful for social network of friends who are so willing to provide valuable insights and advice.

Day 73. 13 Mar 2018. Tuesday.    It’s not easy to plan for a family holiday when each member of the family has diverse lifestyles and commitments. So a short 2-day trip is rare quality time indeed. Spend the day planning for a horse riding lesson package for the family , something none of us has ever done before.

I booked a hotel through Expedia but it turns out that apartment is privately owned and not operated by the famous KSL Hotel. So it took me over an over and speaking to 4 customer service agents to get the booking cancelled and a total refund. Despite the anguish, glad it was settled at the end.

Day 74. 14 Mar 2018. Wednesday.   Free Zumba exercise lesson. Grateful for the air con comfort, fun atmosphere, friendships while staying fit.

Day 75. 15 Mar 2018. Thursday.  Buffet lunch at YMCA with compliments from a friend. Buffet dinner at Shangri-la hotel with compliments of a bank. I need to exercise more to burn off all that food!


Day 76, 77 and 78. 16 – 18 Mar 2018. Friday – Sunday.  Met up with friends at Woodlands MRT and took a luxury coach for an over night journey to Perek, Malaysia.


Blue tears bio luminescent, fire flies and dolphin sightings. Rice padi field factory visit.

The good life indeed!

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