Hiking & Horse riding. Gratitude 365-Week 12

Counting my blessings daily so as not to forget all His benefits.

Day 79. 19 Mar 2018. Monday.     My first time hiking around Kranji and Sungei Buloh. Singapore is such a small little island and yet there are places that I’ve never been to before all my life!. So amazing!

Day 80. 20 Mar 2018. Tuesday. Packing for our family holiday. So exciting and really looking forward to horse riding!

Day 81 & 82. 21 & 22 Mar 2018. Wednesday & Thursday. We drove in through the Causeway checkpoints without much fanfare until we got out of the JB checkpint and made a wrong turn which brought us back into immigration again. Oh dear! It took quite a while to sort thing sort and navigate through the traffic again.

We reached the horse riding school in time. Being our very first time getting acquainted with horses, we were naturally nervous  and excited. Mounting, walking, trotting, canter, gallop. Our 5 lesson package took us up to rising trot. Only our son managed to progress to a canter.

My right calf was blue black and bruised from the rising trot and scarfing against the stirrup straps. My thigh muscles were sore from having to stand up and down while balancing on the horse. I never realised how difficult horse riding could be until now. Well now I know.




Day 83. 23 Mar 2018. Friday. So many wonderful photos to download and sort out! I’m so grateful for this short holiday before my son enlists into the army, which means no family holiday for the the next 2 years.

As parents, it is our responsibility to raise kids who are ready for adulthood. Over lunch, we told our young men that we will pay for their university fees on a interest-free loan basis, meaning after they graduate, they will need to repay us for the 4-year course fees. This will help them budget their salary and get them introduced into the real world. We told them about rent, transport, meals and other expenses that their salaries would have to meet. Tough love and allowing our child to fly on their own!

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