Easter art. Gratitude 365 – week 14

Day 92. 1 Apr 2018. Sunday.    For something special for Easter, the pastor  arranged for a few artists to paint during Easter service.



Ezk 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

The crown of thorns is tilted at an angle as would be when Jesus head is at side profile  looking down. The right drop of blood would be intermingled with His tears as it drips down onto our stony heart. This though took my breath away and I had to hyper ventilate to regain composure.
It is only by the resurrected power of Christ’s blood that our sins can be washed away and be made new. The hardness of forgiveness, vengeance, trauma, pain, suffering. Contrasted with the tenderness of a heart of flesh – soft, a live, energy, pumping life, in communion with God.

Day 93. 2 Apr 2018. Monday. Hike at MacRitchie Reservoir followed by lunch to celebrate 2 birthdays.


Very special Ondeh Ondeh cake with pandan chiffon and gula melaka which was home made by a friend. The chocolate is an Opera.

Day 94. 3 Apr 2018. Tuesday.  My sister treated my family to lunch at Mad Jacks. In return I gave her the jungle waterfall painting.

Day 95. 4 Apr 2018, Wednesday.   Property consultants are coming this evening to present to the subsidiary proprietors about the property market. Fellow residents came to listen and learn more about the property market. There were many questions indicating a keen interest.

Day 96. 5 Apr 2018. Thursday.    I went to the nursing home for a project meeting on remodelling the care facilities. The concept is to move away from an institutional look and function to a more family oriented individulised care.

Day 97. 6 Apr 2018. Friday.  I painted this to indicate Trail Blazers establishing the way for others to follow.



Day 98. 7 Apr 2018. Saturday.   My son had a hip hop gig. I went to take pictures. I was impressive!


I learnt how to use a single stroke to have 2 colour blended brush to painted these .


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