Tekong BMT. Gratitude 365 – wk 15

Forgetting not all His benefits by counting my daily blessings.
Day 99. 8 Apr 2018. Sunday. For my first time in years, I attended children’s church. I was impressed to find that they were having the inaugural debut of the kids band.


I painted this and gave it to the leader. It represents the change in atmosphere that is created by praising and worshipping God with singing, dancing and music instruments.


Day 100. 9 Apr 2018. Monday. Wow! I’ve managed to keep up with this daily gratitude blog for 100 days! Phew! I hope to continue until 365 days.

This morning my baby enlists into Singapore Armed Forces Basic Military Training. From his long hair to a close shave, that’s a major change. The daily routine, regimentation and culture will no doubt be other big changes that he experiences. The local term is “Ah Boy to Men”

There was an orientation for parents of the premises, witnessing their oath taking and sampling a meal. The food was delicious though the portions were small, especially for these boys.
Day 101. 10 Apr 2018. Tues. I have been de-cluttering and today I sold this leather recliner that was taking up a lot of space.

Day 102. 11 Apr 2018. Wed. In the afternoon, my son that was just enlisted in the army calls to say he suffered a small cut and will be sent to Changi General Hospital for stitches. He is discharged at 7:35 pm with 1 day’s of medical leave, which means he has to book in the next morning at 7:30 am at SAF Changi Ferry Terminal. He might as well remain in camp. Fortunately he was excused from physical activities for the next day and the following day he could take part in light activities. Thank God it was a small cut and nothing too serious. And at least we got to see him for 1 night despite this 3 week confinement period.
Day 103. 12 Apr 2018. Thursday. I woke up early to send my son to SAF Changi Ferry Terminal. The drive there at 6:45 am was very smooth but the return trip back towards town at 7:15 am was in heavy morning traffic. I had to pay ERP ( electronic road pricing) of $1 for entry into the Central Business District. I skipped my usual exercise class as I was tried from the over 1 hour of driving. I witnessed 2 car accidents during this trip. Thankful I was not involved.
Day 104. 13 Apr 2018. Fri. Acrylic painting: Everlasting Joy.



Day 105. 14 Apr 2018. Sat. My son so far has received offers from 3 local universities for his 1st choice of course. Truly grateful for these blessings!

Today I made a presentation to the Board of Governors of a Welfare Services regarding the proposed Remodelling of their nursing home. The issue was whether to spend $6M or seek the landlord, in this case the government, for a mutually beneficial solution. It was my first time meeting the board. I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide some insights and clarity to this issue.

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