Triathlon & cookies. Gratitude 365-Wk 16

Counting my daily blessings, forgetting not His benefits, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 106. 15 Apr 2018. Sunday. My son attempt his first triathlon and I went to support and take photos of his race. He came in 4th for his age group which is pretty awesome for a beginner!


Day 107.  16 Apr 2018. Monday      Just got the Sony Action Cam so I tried it out during my hike. There is a Sony app for editing the videos which is easy to use.


Day 108. 17 Apr 2018. Tuesday.   My son bakes chocolate chip cookies and it tastes delicious – just the right amount of crisp and softness, not overly sweet. The experience is priceless!


Day 109. 18 Apr 2018. Wednesday.     Painted this little card to encourage someone.


Warm Love

Day 110. 19 Apr 2018. Thursday.  We had dinner with an aunt who stays in Canada as well as others of our extended family. So good to connect again with family.

Day 111. 20 Apr 2018. Friday.  I volunteered at a nursing home in the morning, reviewing their renovation plans.

In the afternoon, I connect 2 friends with a possibility to conduct art for seniors.

Day 112. 21 Apr 2018. Saturday.  I attended a church service that has music, dance and painting  as worship. It was so energising to see young and old actively involved. 20180421_160254.jpg


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