Gratitude 365 – week 18

Developing a lifestyle of gratitude by counting my blessings daily for surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 120. 29 Apr 2018. Sunday        I helped conduct the extraordinary general meeting at my place. The meeting went well and smoothly.

Day 121. 30 April 2018. Monday.     We celebrated our anniversary at Rasa Sentosa Shangri-la. We had a complimentary chocolate cake.


In the afternoon, I went on a hike of the Southern Ridges which took us to Mount Faber, Hort Park and a tree top canopy walk. After dinner, we continued along Keppel Marina and Labrador board walk. It was a thrilling experience. 


Day 122. 1 May 2018. Tuesday.        My girlfriends came over for a fun time of singing, dancing and lunch. This is Green Thunder Tea rice, a Hakka dish.


Day 123. 2 May 2018. Wednesday.     I volunteer at two nursing homes, one of which had a meeting tonight. A couple of high tech therapies: they have virtual reality goggles for the residents as well as a robotic seal which response to touch.



Day 124. 3 May 2018. Thursday.       Preparing for our trip next week to Da Nang, Vietnam. Hue is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Hoi An is a quaint town nearby that we could visit.

Day 125. 4 May 2018. Friday.  May the 4th be with you. Haha!

I went to another nursing that I volunteer at to discuss the renovation of this 18 year old facility with the objective of moving away from dormitory institution style to incorporating a new family-care model.

The news of a national service man that dies during a fast march training is all over the media this week. I should be grateful that my elder son survived without incident and younger son had a very minor cut. Praying for his safety until it all ends. He comes home tonight for the weekend.

Day 126. 5 May 2018. Saturday.  To celebrate my son’s return from army, I baked a Japanese cheesecake. It is light and fluffy.


We had lunch at an air con food court that we had never been to before. This is at Essen @ Duxton Place. See my blog on this place here


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