Special Art Camp. Gratitude 365. Wk 24

Counting my daily blessings, forgetting not His benefits, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 155. 9 June 2018. Saturday.   Volunteered at Church of our Saviour’s Family Inclusion Network Worship Dance and Art camp for special needs persons.

I came away learning that in a culture of acceptance and affirmation, people of different talents do shine. I was really impressed by the parents and caregivers. They are very strong, having to live through tough challenges.

Day 156. 10 Jun. Sunday.   The camp was overnight at City Beach Resort, Labrador Park. I took the opportunity to visit the beach upon waking up and I was rewarded by this beautiful sunrise.


I was inspired to write a song.

“I am Your Father”. Based on Ps 139


  • (1) I have plans for you my son.  I have plans for you my daughter.
  • To give you blessings. To give you hope
  • (2) I have plans for you my son. I have plans for you my daughter.
  • And they are good. To prosper you.
  • Chorus
  • Cos I am your Father, I’m your Father, I’m your Father
  • I’m your Father, and you are mine
  • (3) I have plans for you my son. I have plans for you my daughter.
  • I go before you, I’m right behind you
  • Cos I’m your Father
  • I have  formed you, I know you
  • I search you, And lead you
  • FINAL CHORUS                     
  • Cos I’m your Father. I am your Father, I am your Father, I’m your Father
  • And you are mine. You are mine. You … are mine


Day 157. 11 Jun. Monday    Hike at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. So beautiful so soak in fauna and flora.


Day 158. 12 June. Tuesday.     This little robot vacuum cleaner arrived in the mail.

Screenshot - 20-Jun-18 , 9_04_21 PM


It works, moving around on its own and avoids banging into objects. It doesn’t work on extra shaggy carpet as the long pile gets entangled into the rotating mechanism.





Day 159. 13 Jun. Wednesday.    Submitted my art piece to a art competition.
In the evening, attended a pre-trip briefing   for the upcoming China Silk Route  tour.   

Day 160. 14 Jun. Thurs.        I went to the library to borrow books on drawing and art. Bought mangoes that were going for $1 each, while the usual supermarket price is about $2.



Day 161. 15 June. Fri.   Public holiday. I was planning to go for a hike but there was lightning so I decided to stay in.  I exercised on the indoor bicycle trainer. Grateful for this indoor equipment, granted I don’t use it often enough. 

I spent the morning stitching together a Father’s Day video greeting for my husband and another for my Dad.

My son cycled with a group to Kulai, Malaysia and returned back safely. He’s grown. Grateful for this group of friends who keep an eye on him.


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