Gratitude 365. week 25

Counting my daily blessings, forgetting not His benefits, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.


Day 162. 16 Jun 2018. Sat.     I play on the keyboards to accompany the Mandarin worship at church. I’ve had this privilege for the past 8 years now. It does get easier as I’m more familiar with the songs. My Chinese has improved too.  There was practise today for Sunday’s service. 

Day 163. 17 Jun 2018. Sun.  Somehow the keyboard could not connect through to the sound system. Fortunately the work around was to have the keyboard sound through the monitors. It wasn’t the best but it was adequate for the small room. Grateful for little mercies.

Day 164. 18 Jun 2018. Monday.       My hiking group took a boat ride from Changi Ferry terminal to Pulau Ubin island. We hiked to Chek Jawa wetlands. There was passing showers as we were about to head back. Fortunately there was a porch for us to take shelter.



Day 165. 19 Jun 2018. Tuesday.          I had borrowed library books on drawing. Here’s something I learnt from the book.



Day 166. 20 Jun 2018. Wednesday.     I attended free Zumba exercise class.     As usual, the workout  was fun and energetic!

The part time helper turned up today. Previous ones promised but never turned up. So glad this person is reliable and thorough in her work.

On a whim, my son decided we should to cycle along East Coast Park. I hadn’t ridden for over a year. Getting back to the saddle was a little apprehensive.


Day 167. 21 Jun. Thursday.                 There was Free KpopX exercise class. Again another fun, energetic workout.  


Day 168. 22 Jun. Fri.           Free Fight-Do exercise class. Love the variety and movement to music. The workout is not a boring routine. This keeps the mind alert with new patterns and coordination.

Day 169. 23 Jun. Sat.    There was an appreciation dinner    for volunteers of the Special Needs art camp. It was good to meet the others again. The meal was catered from a Peranakan restaurant with babi pontay, assem buakalek, fish mew soup, chocolate cake. Yummy!





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