Abundant Life. Gratitude 365. week 27

This series of blog post is my attempt at counting my daily blessings for each day in year 2018, so that i will not forget His benefits, for surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 177.  1 July 2018. Sun        Taught about 60 Sunday School kids about worship dance flag. The kids had a great time and it was fun!     Was too busy to snap a photo for memory.

Day 178. 2 July 2018. Mon           Hiking at Sentosa which means Peace and Tranquillity. It’s former name was Pulau Balakang Mati which means the back island of death     as the straits used to be infested with pirates. Such a change of fate that came with this change of name. The most high profile event was the Tump-Kim summit between America and North Korea.



Day 179. 3 July. Tues    I think this is the forst time my son is cooking lunch for me. I am so blessed indeed!           



 Day 180. 4 July. Wed.     Crayons drawing, learning through library book. The book has many other pictures but I selected these because they make me happy.        


Day 181. 5 July. Thur. 

My first time baking a chocolate cake with frosting. I shared half with my part time helper, since she happened to be here to wash up the baking utensils. The ingredients called for powdered sugar for the frosting but I used regular sugar instead and found the sugar difficult to blend into the butter despite stirring for a really long time. I called my friend and she told me to use icing sugar. Then i realised powdered sugar meant icing sugar – a different terminology used by Americans and British commonwealth. I halved the amount of sugar so that it is not too sweet.

The verdict is a moist soft textured cake with delicious frosting with just the right amount of sweetness.



Day 182. 6 Jul. Fri.  I met the new director of the charity that I volunteer  with. A wonderful lady and we hit it off perfectly.


I was pleasantly surprised to find a $20 gift voucher for the travel insurance that I bought for my son and I for our trip to Vietnam.

The other $20 meal voucher was from attending an AGM. Grateful for little mercies.







20180705_115317.jpg Here we are enjoying the free meal.







Day 183. 7 July. Sat.         I checked the broadband wifi speed at home on a 4 year old desktop PC , handphone and new laptop.

The broadband comes with regular as well as 5GHz. The desktop could not detect the 5GHz channel and could only do 45 and 38 mbps download and upload speeds.

The handphone and new laptop are able to connect to the 5GHz channel and are able to perform at over 100 bps . The technician says 60% of supplied broadband speed of 500 GHz for wifi is pretty good. For better results, a direct local area network cable Cat 5 or Cat 6 to connect the device to the router.

Wifi powers the TV, handphone, laptop and desktop PC. It is such an integral part of the modern life and the many convenient apps that come along with it.

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