Durians. Gratitude 365. week 28

This series of blog post is my attempt at counting my daily blessings for each day in year 2018, so that i will not forget His benefits, for surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 183. 8 Jul 2018. Sunday          My son participated in the Trifactor run-swim-run.   I photographed him and his Aquathon mates. 


Day 184. 9 Jul. Monday.       Learning crayon colour mixing from a library book. Bee eater and a Macaw. I am pleased with my progress.


Day 186. 10 Jul. Tuesday.      Here is a little poem celebrating the durian:
King of fruits, the durian is in season.
Long queues to buy, and not without reason.
With pleasures so sensational, the taste is inspirational.
With flesh so creamy and lush, one seed is never enough!     



Day 187. 11 Jul. Wednesday.      For breakfast, I made 4-minute soft boiled eggs a la kopi tiam style.  Lunch was macaroni with chicken in tomato sauce.


Day 188. 12 Jul. Thursday.     20180712_140403

I am taking a course called Create To Be Free. Lesson 1 is about our identity. There was 4 exercises and involved expressing our response in watercolour onto 4 sections of a piece of paper.

Day 189. 13 Jul. Friday.             More crayon practise from the library book. A hawk and a lion.


Day 190. 14 Jul. Sat.  Family day at SAFTI ( Singapore Armed Forces Training Institute) where my son is undergoing training as an officer cadet. The Lieutenant Colonel who delivered a speech to parents said the 38 weeks of training will result in a better son. 


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