Cycling to Kukup. Gratitude 365 wk 30.

This series of blog post is my attempt at counting my daily blessings for each day in year 2018, so that I will not forget His benefits, for surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 197. 21 Jul 2018. Sat.  We were to gather at Kranji MRT at 6 am to start our cycling trip to Kukup. It rained that morning at 5 am so I had serious second thoughts about proceeding. It was merely passing showers so i headed to the meeting point. As it was my 1st time with this group, I introduced myself to the cyclists gathered there. My friend came shortly later. More details and photos of this trip is posted on my cycling blog here.  Highlights were : fireworks, green bean soup dessert, durian & mangosteen, boat ride to kelong, BBQ dinner, beautiful sunset.


Day 198. 22 Jul 2018. Sunday     We rode home today. The support vehicle carried the remaining durians so along the way on our pit stop, we had durians for snacks. What a wonderful energy booster!

I am so grateful for an incident-free tour, save a some minor gash on 2 male cyclists. The weather was cloudy and overcast so that heat was not  an issue. I managed to keep up with the group most of the time, except when climbing up the bridges, when everyone would overtake me. It was enjoyable and i am glad I had the crazy courage to go on this adventure.

Day 199. 23 Jul 2018. Monday     I woke up without any aches nor cramps which I thought I may have after the 158 km cycling over the weekend. So I decided to join my usual Monday hiking group, this time at Kranji wetlands and Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.

After the 3.5-hour hike, my friends car could not start as she forgot to turn off her hazard lights and the battery ran flat. Fortunately I had jumper cables and another friend drove his car next to hers to connect his batteries to her car. It worked and her car could start.


We then visited a mushroom agrotech farm in the vicinity to buy some farm fresh golden spring mushrooms.

Day 200. 24 Jul. Tues      I attended Singtel’s AGM. It is the largest company by market capitalisation in Singapore and has a global footprint. It was interesting to understand it’s business.


I was pleasantly surprised to meet a friend at the AGM, and she was sitting on the same row just one person away! We had lunch after the meeting and had a good chat.

Day 201. 25 Jul. Wed      I grilled black pepper chicken for lunch today. Quick, easy, delicious.


Day 202. 26 Jul. Thurs            I baked a blueberry chocolate vegan cake and decorated it with vegan cream frosting. It’s a surprise for my friend’s birthday.



Day 203. 27 Jul. Fri             A friend invited 3 of us to tour the museum where she volunteers as a guide. This exhibition is of Asian art competition with entries from each Asian country. It was a very informative and educational tour. We then had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant.

I am doing an emotional healing through art course and today’s lesson is on processing grief and lost. It’s really good grief!

Day 204. 28 Jul. Sat           There was a full blood moon at 3 – 5 am. Venus was very close and bright. This is all that my handphone could capture.



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