Healing art. Gratitude 365. week 29

This series of blog post is my attempt at counting my daily blessings for each day in year 2018, so that i will not forget His benefits, for surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 191. 15 Jul. Sunday. I played the keyboard to accompany the Mandarin  congregation in worship. There was a pot luck for the Mandarin congregation and I was invited to join in.

Day 192. 16 Jul. Monday         Hiking at Bukit Timah Hill with my regular group. The friendship makes this activity even more enriching.


Day 193. 17 July. Tuesday.  With 3 other former classmates, we took a brisk walk around Botanic Garden. It was good to catch up again after a long while.


On an impulse, I went cycling with my son at East Coast Park. I needed to be comfortable on my bike again after a hiatus of almost 2 years.

I covered 20 km in  an hour of actual cycling time, excluding a 10 minute water break. This is in preparation of my upcoming 75km cycling trip to Kukup and another 75km return this weekend.

Day 194. 18 Jul. Wednesday        I continued with lesson 2 of Create to be Free, a journey of healing through art. Today was on forgiveness to break free of strongholds.



Day 195. 19 Jul. Thurs.       I attended a property investment seminar. There was a lot of rah-rah, jokes and a little solid content. I asked one team member what the rate of return on her portfolio was and she couldn’t reply. So that was a big red flag. I’m grateful for my existing portfolio and will not change it for this.


Day 196. 20 Jul. Fri   Getting my bike ready for an epic ride to Malaysia Kukup, a 76 km journey each way. I had not ridden for almost 2 years so it was with not a little  trepidation that I embarked on this adventure, starting early Saturday morning. Lubricate, pumped air, tightened screws, packed overnight bag.



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