Microwave egg exploded

There are many youtube videos demonstrating the process of poaching an egg using the microwave. They do instruct to add salt which will moderate the cooking pace. Some instruct to cover with a plate in case the egg explodes. Others advise to prick the yolk membrane.

This is what a microwave oven looks like when the egg explodes in it.


This is an 800W oven. This method worked previously but I’m not sure why it exploded this time.It wasn’t covered, vinegar was added instead of salt as instruted by others. Perhaps it is good to do it in 40 seconds and then additional 10 seconds.

Anyway, I still had my soft boled egg the traditional method by boiling water , turnoff the electricity then placing the egg with shell into the hot water and allowed to sit for 4 minutes. Perfectly poached egg. I was hungry and forgot to take a photo of the beautiful egg.

I read in the comments of a youtube that some experienced the gg exploding after taking it out of the microwave. So best to let it sit in the oven for a minute to let it rest.

Lesson learnt: ALWAYS COVER THE DISH when microwaving.


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