Triathlon, cupcakes & fireworks. Gratitude 365. Wk 31

This series of blog post is my attempt at counting my daily blessings for each day in year 2018, so that I will not forget His benefits, for surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

Day 205. 29 Jul. Sunday.        Trifactor triathlon race at East Coast Park. A day at the beach used to be about building sand castles. Today my eldest son participated in a race consisting of   1.5km swim + 36km bike + 10km run in a time of 2hr25min emerging 2nd for men’s age group category and 15th overall. Pretty impressive results for someone who just took up this sport.   Iwas his personal photographer and biggest fan.  Since I was there, I took pictures and videos of his friends as well.
So much for a day at the beach.

Day 206. 30 Jul. Monday.  Spent much of the day sorting through the many photographs from the triathlon race and updating my blog on the Kukup Cycling trip.

Did a quick and easy lunch of baked black pepper chicken, stir-fried veggies and red unpolished rice.


Day 207. 31 Jul 2018. Tuesday.   Regular medical blood test and then went back home for an art jamming session with a friend. Today’s topic was on processing grief and lost. It’s such a wonderful feeling to feel free of burdens, have issues resolved.



Day 208. 1 Aug. 2018.  Lunch was another quick and easy baked fish, stir-fried sambal balachan kang kong with rice.



Day 209. 2 Aug. Thur     I had watched youtube videos of microwave eggs. Maybe I didn’t follow all the instructions. My first time having an explosion. Kitchen adventures don’t -always result in pretty instagram-worthy photos. This is authentic living.



Day 210. 3 Aug Fri             Met up with a previous colleague. We had dinner at a cafe called Monster Curry. The pricing is reasonable and the plating is picturesque.







Day 210. 4 Aug Sat.       I baked 48 cupcakes and decorated them with chocolate / vanilla cream. These are for Chinese Alpha at my church. I halved the amount of sugar as stated in the recipe for a guilt-free indulgence.

In the evening, I was very privileged to have a seat at the National Day Parade preview. My friend had last minute tickets and she invited me. The aerial stunts by the fighter jets, parachutists, sea vehicles, singers, audience participation activities, music, goody bag, laser show, fireworks – all these make this the most sensational grand show!


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