DIY leather key pouch

Thrilled to do my first leather craft project.

Step 1. Trace the template onto the smooth surface of the leather using a silver coloured gel marker. This ink is erasable.

Step 2. Place the leather piece on a cutting mat. Press firmly on a metal ruler to mark the lines and use several gentle cut marks to score the leather. Be sure to be standing to ensure strength from the  body is controlled and transferred rather than merely the hand muscles.

Step 3. Using the scrape piece of leather, buff the edges to a shine.

piece cut according to the template & edges buffed


Step 4. practise stamping initials on scrap leather pieces to get the hang of it. Draw a line with the silver pen to guide the placing of letters. Hold the letter mould firmly and hammer vertically 5 times for each letter to ensure a consistent depression. Spacing between the letters have to be estimated. For a start, keeping to initials would have less margin for error.



Step 5. Use a perforater to punch a size 6 hole in the flap. Mark with the silver pen the position of the hold on the stud side. Use a size 3 hole to punch a hole for the stud.


Perforater, eraser, holes


Step 6.  Screw on the stud for the flap.

I was a little too ambitious to stamp my name instead of just initials.

Step 7.  Punch holes through the rectangle 1×4 cm strap using size 1 hole ( smallest).

Step 8. Punch holes for the rivet. Assemble the key ring and hammer the rivert through.



Step 9. Apply beeswax and polish with a soft cloth.



Step 10. Enjoy the completed leather craft project!



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