Gameasy sneaky mobile subscription

I noticed a strange item on my mobile bill. It was for 3rd party goods/ service provider Gameasy. It was taged to my son’s mobile number. However he doesn’t play computer games, let alone pay for mobile games.

Through online forums, many others had been scammed into this subscription. They send an SMS to the handphone with instructions that if you wish to Unsubscribe you are to click a url. Suspecting it to be yet another marketing scam, my son ignored the SMS. He was thus billed S$11.99 since Feb.

Furthermore their website states that under-aged minors must obtain the approval of the account holder to proceed with the subscription. Obviously my son is not the account holder but was nonetheless still billed the amount.

I emailed them 3 times over 2 months to get the subscription cancelled and the total amount of S$119.90 refunded as this is clearly a fraudulent scam.




So it is important to review your monthly bills, even if they are emailed via pdf or where you need to login to the telco’s website to download the bill.

How to block 3rd party services

starhub 3rd

To prevent such 3rd party services from riding onto your mobile, login to your account settings and select Managed Premium Rated Services.

Here is a description of PRS :


This selection should prevent such sneaky subscriptions from loading onto your mobile bill.


2 thoughts on “Gameasy sneaky mobile subscription

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  1. May I know how u get the refund? I was billed since 2018 jan and I only realise it now!!!!! Telco isn’t helping!!!

    1. I used 2 ways: firstly I emailed to Gameasy ( searched website for their email) and demanded a full refund.
      I also told my credit card bank to cancel these fraudulent unauthorised charges.
      Hope this helps

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