Repairing torn seam in sofa

My recliner chair had a tear at the seam. The while fiber filling inside was showing through. I bought a set of heavy duty needles which included curved ones which could pierce through and come out the same side unlike traditional straight needles. The set came with leather threads which are thicker and coated with wax. I bought it online.



I selected a thread that matched the closest so that the patch is not too noticeable. In my  case, it was the black or dark brown thread. I cut the thread to a length that is about 4 times the length of the tear. I learnt this from leathercraft class.


I tested sewing through a piece of rag to get the hang of the curved needle. Going through the leather was really tough and I used the pliers to pull it through. The needle broke, so I had to use the other curved needle that came in the pack.


This longer needle also meant that the stitches would be further apart. So as to minimise the obvious stitching, I did 2 on one side before going over to the other side, as illustrated thus:

recliner stitch

The black line is the tear to be sewn together. The blue line is the thread stitch. The dots indicate the thread going underneath to the other side.

However as the leather is thick and difficult to push and pull through, the stitches did not turn out neat.

I used a timber and pliers to help push and pull the needle through the thick leather.

Both ends of the thread were anchored by a back stitch and dead knot, the ends torched with a lighter to melt the wax.



Done! This photo taken under flash reveal the very uneven stitches. However under normal lighting and dark leather, this patch is not obvious. I’m pleased that the life span of this recliner sofa has been extended by a couple of years with a few simple stitches.






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