How to retrieve a deleted wordpress blog post

Take a deep breath. All is not lost. Do not panic. There are several ways to retrieve an accidentally deleted blog post. I am writing this even as I myself have just recovered from an incident! Phew! I had finalised and published my blog using my PC. A few days later I was viewing that... Continue Reading →


Lessons from a tortoise

I met a tortoise this morning along MacRitchie trail. It taught me a few life lessons: (1) Have a hard outer shell but maintain a soft inner core. Life can be rough - be thick skin and let the criticisms run off the shell. Yet remain gentle and sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading. Be... Continue Reading →

Singapore Southern Islands

The morning boat departs 10.00 am. Aim to arrive before 9.30 am. Take the red MRT line all the way down to Marina South Pier. Exit to ground level. Go  purchase the ticket at $18 per adult. Enter the turnstile gates to the jetty and board the ferry. The journey takes 30 minutes to St John's... Continue Reading →

Walking by

I lay on staircase floor I lay on public bench I hear many footsteps Walking by. Walked by I lay on grass patches I lat on sidewalks I hear many footsteps  walking by. Walked by. Does it offend you  that I lay on the floor It doesn't offend me  that you lay on your bed... Continue Reading →

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