The good life everyday. Gratitude 365 – week 10

Day 64. 4 Mar 2018 Sunday. Such a joy to dance like and with the kids! I had baked 40 pieces of these blueberry muffins to give away to the foreign workers that spend their day off at Kallang Riverside park. Simply to share a little love. They were delighted.   Day 65. 5 Mar... Continue Reading →


The good life. Gratitude 365 – week 9

Goodness & mercy follows me everyday. Day 57. 25 Feb 2018 Sunday. Managed to snag a great deal of a complete 24-piece WMF stainless steel cutlery. In the evening, the friends I met through hiking in Nepal had a reunion pot luck dinner at a friend's home. It's a lovely 4 story semi-detached in seletar.... Continue Reading →

Gratitude 365 – week 7

Counting my daily blessings and anticipating joyful adventures everyday. Day 42. 11 Feb 2018 Sunday.      My son is taking take in his first aquathon,  consisting of a 750m swim in open sea followed by a 5 km run in Sentosa island. I am his biggest fan and official photographer. He came in 6th for... Continue Reading →

Gratitude 365 – week 2

Day 8. 8 Jan 2018 Monday. It rained really heavy this morning such that there were flash floods on our roads and visibility was very poor. Driving in these conditions would be dangerous. I'm thankful the rain stopped by noon. I had to drive the car for evaluation at 1.30 pm. It passed the tests.... Continue Reading →

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