Repairing torn seam in sofa

My recliner chair had a tear at the seam. The while fiber filling inside was showing through. I bought a set of heavy duty needles which included curved ones which could pierce through and come out the same side unlike traditional straight needles. The set came with leather threads which are thicker and coated with... Continue Reading →


Gameasy sneaky mobile subscription

I noticed a strange item on my mobile bill. It was for 3rd party goods/ service provider Gameasy. It was taged to my son's mobile number. However he doesn't play computer games, let alone pay for mobile games. Through online forums, many others had been scammed into this subscription. They send an SMS to the... Continue Reading →

Microwave egg exploded

There are many youtube videos demonstrating the process of poaching an egg using the microwave. They do instruct to add salt which will moderate the cooking pace. Some instruct to cover with a plate in case the egg explodes. Others advise to prick the yolk membrane. This is what a microwave oven looks like when... Continue Reading →

Art camp. Gratitude 365. week 22

Counting my daily blessings, forgetting not His benefits, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Day 142. 27 May. Sunday. I played keyboard to accompany singing at Chinese worship. That's a privilege! Day 143. 28 May. Monday Helping out at 3-day Joy Creative Children's Camp. There are workshops in... Continue Reading →

Tekong BMT. Gratitude 365 – wk 15

Forgetting not all His benefits by counting my daily blessings. Day 99. 8 Apr 2018. Sunday. For my first time in years, I attended children's church. I was impressed to find that they were having the inaugural debut of the kids band. I painted this and gave it to the leader. It represents the change... Continue Reading →

The good life. Gratitude 365 – week 9

Goodness & mercy follows me everyday. Day 57. 25 Feb 2018 Sunday. Managed to snag a great deal of a complete 24-piece WMF stainless steel cutlery. In the evening, the friends I met through hiking in Nepal had a reunion pot luck dinner at a friend's home. It's a lovely 4 story semi-detached in seletar.... Continue Reading →

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