DIY Paint over bathroom ceramic tiles

My bathroom tiles look very 1960's. I wanted a fresh look. Being a mere cosmetic change, the thought of hacking out the entire old tiles and laying on new tiles was too  costly ( about $4000 each toilet) as well as too much noise, too much dust and just too much hassle. Overlay of new... Continue Reading →



Singapore rates as at March 2016.. updated Dec 2016. Updated Oct 2017 Rates are from Phoon Huat, Kitchen Capers, Mustafa, others. Flour - plain 1kg  $1.80 Flour - cake 1kg   $3.10 Flour - HongKong 1kg  $3.00 Sugar - castor  1 kg  $2.65 Butter - butler selection 200g  $1.55 Whipping cream - 1l   $6.10 Cocoa powder... Continue Reading →

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