Special Art Camp. Gratitude 365. Wk 24

Counting my daily blessings, forgetting not His benefits, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Day 155. 9 June 2018. Saturday.   Volunteered at Church of our Saviour's Family Inclusion Network Worship Dance and Art camp for special needs persons. I came away learning that in a culture of acceptance... Continue Reading →


Gratitude 365 – week 2

Day 8. 8 Jan 2018 Monday. It rained really heavy this morning such that there were flash floods on our roads and visibility was very poor. Driving in these conditions would be dangerous. I'm thankful the rain stopped by noon. I had to drive the car for evaluation at 1.30 pm. It passed the tests.... Continue Reading →

Walking by

I lay on staircase floor I lay on public bench I hear many footsteps Walking by. Walked by I lay on grass patches I lat on sidewalks I hear many footsteps  walking by. Walked by. Does it offend you  that I lay on the floor It doesn't offend me  that you lay on your bed... Continue Reading →

Difference between pie and strudel

In learning to make apple strudel, I came across 2 methods : the classic Austrian recipe and the puff pastry method. In the classic Austrian/ Viennese  method, the flour" butter ratio is about 3:1 . I have seen some recipes with 10:1 ratio of flour to butter or oil but subsequently more butter is spread on... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Grieving

I wasn't sure where to place this post. My other blogs are  on cycling, corporate real estate and investments. So I figured Life Hacks comes the closest. So anyway, here are my reflections on grieving. We prepare for the coming of a new born baby by reading up on infant care, buying baby clothes and... Continue Reading →

How to fix a leaking air con.

You are sleeping peacefully at night. Then you are rudely awakened by the sound of dripping water. It drips continuously and won't stop. You pull yourself out of bed to place a towel under the air con, but that merely silence the annoying drips temporarily. You know you have to get it properly fixed in... Continue Reading →

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