Hiking Nepal – Ghorepani Poon hill Trek

My 1st time ever doing a multi-day hike.  Nepal has many trails and this is considered a beginners' trail. Our trip organiser arranged for us to meet locally in Singapore for Training at Toa Payoh 40 storey x 6 sets to be completed within 1 hour 30 minutes. I almost fainted during 1st attempt and... Continue Reading →


Vegan High Domed Muffin Recipe

Soft and moist interior, crips outer shell, bakery-style high domed muffins. Blueberry or Coffee with Chocolate Chips. If you would like to read the adventure of how this recipe was developed, click here Yields 24 regular-sized muffins , because a dozen just isn't ever enough.  ----------DRY MIX----------- 625g (5 cups) all-purpose flour  2 tablespoons baking powder 2 teaspoon baking... Continue Reading →

Developing Vegan Muffins

I baked 13 dozen muffins over 4 weeks and 9 iterations to develop this recipe. Yes, that's 156 muffins. It really helps to have plenty of friends to give them away. Previous recipes I used did not yield muffins with a bakery-style high domed top . Those recipes were really the same as cupcakes which rose in... Continue Reading →

How to teach a child to be generous

 Cultivating generosity in kids. My son brings my donuts / cupcakes / brownies to  share with his performing arts team. The featured image of this blog is cranberry-cinnamon muffins with a bakery-style domed top. My other son brings a LARGE bottle of cashew nuts to share with his platoon mates. This bottle is regularly topped up... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon circles Sunflower kernels Spiraling spice The bread of life Won-dough-ful rolls Refreshes my soul Kneading rest Yeast(is) the best Artistic pastry Created with poetry Endless pleasure Love without measure.     

After the rat race – part 2

Under 5-million-star accommodation Feeling one with all creation Rhythmic lapping of the waves Gently ushers one into a daze Composing a giant symphony Birds' rising cacophony Harmonised by leaves rustling Accented by twigs crackling Waking to the morning dew Sunrise sky of orange hue This idyllic situation Is not an illusion This reality to behold... Continue Reading →

After the rat race – part 1

My rat race was the stressful grind of a regional job. It had its benefits and I enjoyed the opportunity to be exposed to many cultures and different ways of doing things. The rat race also included the downside of over-consuming energy and personal time. I tried to manage this by limiting travel to a week... Continue Reading →

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