Hike up Gunung Belumut, Johor, Malaysia

We met at central Singapore at 5.30 am to set off to Gunung Belumut for a day's hike. The Causeway had a light jam and we made it to the car park of Belumut at 8.30 am. The ascent begins fairly gradually for the first 2 km, then it gets steeper with some points being... Continue Reading →


Conquering Kota Kinabalu

http://www.kizoa.com/Movie-Video-Slideshow-Maker/d127773982k5975292o1l1/conquering-kota-kinabalu   It was certainly no walk in the park despite calling itself Kinabalu Park. I want to record my gratefulness to Heavenly Father for His protection over the entire group - while there were some injuries sustained from this very tough terrain, minor Altitude Mountain Sickness, slight diarrhoea, there were nothing really too serious.... Continue Reading →

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